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Community Standards

Sansar offers users the ability to create and share content, and fosters communities for users to interact with each other and freely express themselves through Sansar’s various interactive products and services.

To help promote respect, peace, and an enjoyable experience for all users, this set of Community Standards applies to all products, services, and environments offered or hosted by Sansar, including but not limited to, its websites, servers, software, forums, and blogs (as further defined in the Terms of Service, the “Service”).

These Standards set out actions that could result in restrictions on your access to the Service, up to and including account termination.

Behavioral Standards


Sansar encourages social interactions between users across multiple countries. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation is prohibited. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame users or groups are similarly prohibited.


Harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner that is offensively coarse, intimidating, threatening, or causes annoyance or alarm is not allowed.


Any act of violence toward a user’s avatar, including an act of intimidation or bullying such as repeatedly shooting or pushing, will not be tolerated. Creating or using scripts that singularly or persistently target a user and prevent a user’s enjoyment of the Service is also not allowed.

Invasion of Personal Space/Comfort Zones

It is important to respect the personal space of another user. We strongly encourage you to be mindful of your movement, hand gestures, and your avatar’s positioning relative to other avatars.

In Sansar, users have the option of using a virtual reality headset that offers a sense of real-world personal space. Sansar users on desktop mode may have a different sense of personal space and may interact and move differently from users using a virtual reality headset. The disparity between these two modes may inadvertently result in the invasion of personal space or make users feel uncomfortable. While Sansar has a built-in mechanism to limit the invasion of personal space in virtual reality, any activity or behavior that can be construed as intended to bring spatial discomfort to another user is strictly prohibited.

Inappropriate Content

All content, activity, and communication within the Service must adhere to the Content Guidelines, including but not limited to, abiding by any limitations on the type of content permissible in certain areas of the Service.

In Sansar, Prohibited Content (as defined in the Content Guidelines) is strictly prohibited.


Sharing personal information about other users, either directly or indirectly, without their consent—including, but not limited to, gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual orientation, alternate account names (including account statuses, such as whether it is on hold, suspended, or active), and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their user profile—is not allowed. Except for the purpose of reporting abuse or any violation of policies to Sansar, the remote monitoring, posting or sharing of conversations without a participant’s consent are prohibited.

Disturbing the Peace/Global Attacks

Sansar aims to provide users with an enjoyable experience on the Service. Please be mindful that your actions may cause slow server performance or may inhibit another user’s ability to enjoy the Service. Examples of prohibited attempts to disturb the peace include, but are not limited to:

  • Manipulating scripts;
  • Repeated transmission of undesired content;
  • Spawning items;
  • Continuously resetting scenes (as applicable in Sansar);
  • Disrupting events or user conversations, such as through the use of repetitive sounds, causing echo effects, or unmuting your mic when it should be muted;
  • Spamming, such as the repeated posting of advertising or self-promotional content;
  • Posting interpersonal disputes or personal negative commentary publicly when such communications should occur through private channels of communication;
  • Flaming, such as hostile or disruptive posts intended to incite an angry response or to encourage other users to violate Sansar’s policies; and
  • Abusing Sansar personnel or moderators (as applicable on a forum operated by Sansar), such as re-posting content that has been removed, suspended or locked, or posting content that questions a moderator’s decision or competence (as applicable on a forum operated by Sansar).

Objects, scripts, or actions that interfere with or disrupt the Service, servers, or other systems related to the Service will not be tolerated in any form. You will be held responsible for any actions taken by, or caused by objects or scripts that belong to, you or your account.

In Sansar, we strongly recommend testing objects and scripts that may have unmanageable components or unexpected behavior in a duplicate, unpublished scene to avoid any complications. The use of scripts identified by Sansar as Restricted Scripting APIs is not allowed.


Impersonation of another user, stealing another user’s identity, or claiming recognition for content created by another user are all strictly prohibited. Additionally, the impersonation of a Sansar employee will result in immediate account termination.


Warning, Suspension, Termination

In most cases, a user’s first violation of the Community Standards will result in a warning. If there are future violations, the user’s account(s) may be suspended and ultimately terminated if the behavior persists.

Buyer Beware

Sansar does not exercise editorial control over, and is not obligated to review, the content offered through the Service. We will investigate and respond to all properly filed intellectual property complaints pursuant to the Intellectual Property Infringement Notification Policy.

Additionally, Sansar does not certify or endorse the operation of any games, vending machines, or retail locations offered on the Service. Any refunds must be requested from the owners of such objects directly.

Reporting Abuse

Sansar strongly encourages users to report violations of the Community Standards or any other policies. Sansar reviews all such reports of abuse and will keep the identity of the reporter strictly confidential.

If you encounter content that violates these Guidelines, you can report abuse as follows:

Effective: September 1, 2022